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What is Engagement Rate?

The Engagement Rate is the percentage of people that engage (like, comment, share..etc) with a piece of content (a video, an image..etc) based on the total amount of Followers.

Engagement Rate for TikTok is a very important subject because the organic reach is much, much higher than other social networks that are already established on the market.

The higher the engagement rate, the better.

How to calculate Engagement Rate

Now, let me show and explain to you how you can calculate the engagement rate for a TikTok account.

First off, you need to know the formula for calculating the engagement rate on TikTok.

((Number of likes + Number of comments + Number of shares) / Number of Followers) * 100

The above formula is used to calculate the engagement rate of a TikTok video.

If you want to calculate the Engagement Rate of the whole TikTok account, that means that you would have to calculate the average engagement rate based on the last X Number of videos.

We already do this for you, so you can calculate the engagement rate of any TikTok account easily.

Example on how to calculate the engagement rate

Let us take one random video from TikTok and calculate it’s current Engagement Rate. I have went on @ZachKing‘s TikTok profile and chose a random video.

At the moment of writing this article, this video has:

  • 8,816,422 Likes (Hearts)
  • 28,396,107 Total Followers

This means that we will apply the following calculations:

((8816422+34652) / 28396107) * 100 = 31.1% Engagement Rate

We could also count the shares when adding the Likes and Comments as that can be also considered a form of engagement.

Calculating the Average Engagement Rate for the whole profile of ZachKing would take too much manual work.

This is why tools/websites like us, will benefit you greatly because you just have to enter the username of the TikTok profile you want to check and we will do the “heavy lifting” for you.

In this case, the Average Engagement Rate for ZachKing’s TikTok account is a great 8.49% based on the last 30 videos he uploaded.

You also have to keep in mind that some people might only have a few Followers but a way bigger engagement rate. This can happen when people with low followers put out a “banger” tiktok that is going viral. For example: A user with 1,000 followers can have an engagement rate over 100% if a TikTok video goes viral and has, lets say 50,000 likes.

On a greater scale

Now, because we have already analyzed more than 10,000+ TikTok profiles with our analytics tool, let us share some cool stats we have found.

Let us check the average engagement rates for different levels of total followers number.

Followers Range Average Engagement Rate Total profiles analysed
< 1,000 144.9% 1,290
1,000 – 5,000 118.8% 473
5,000 – 10,000 97.9% 177
10,000 – 50,000 74.1% 409
50,000 – 100,000 10.6% 868
100,000 – 500,000 5.9% 4,799
500,000 – 1,000,000 5.7% 1,131
1M – 3,000,000 6.1% 880
> 3,000,000 5.3% 339
TikTok 52.1% 10,356

These stats are generated on 19th of December, 2019 based on our analysis from the data that we have collected from more than 10,000+ TikTok profiles that have been analyzed.

Did you know?

Most liked TikTok

@daviddobrik‘s tiktok video “World record experiment” is the most liked tiktok video by far, stacking up more than 17,500,000+ likes with 88,200+ comments and an engagement rate of 274%.

Most commented TikTok

The most commented video that we have analyzed until now is @selenagomez tiktok video that was posted in 24 May, 2016 when TikTok was under the name of Musical.ly and it is still, to this day, the most commented TikTok video on the platform with 780,000+ comments and 15,000,000+ likes. Also being the second most liked video, after David’s TikTok.

Thumbnail of Selena Gomez most commented video.

Thank you for reading, hope this was of insight and maybe helped you understand better how TikTok is currently doing.

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